About us

HUB385 pilot phase started in 2015, and today we are considered to be one of the most famous coworking space brands in Croatia.
Not long after the launch, HUB385 gained the trust of its coworkers and clients. It became the most recognizable coworking brand which people connect with the creative and relaxed working atmosphere, friendly approach, and proactive management.
Our coworking community has more than 300 active users from different professions - from ICT, development, and programming to marketing, architecture, translating, and real estate.
A rich community of professionals with different business backgrounds greatly enriches networking and knowledge sharing among our memebers.
HUB385 team consists of 5 members - every of which is a professional in one part of the coworking industry. All HUB385 internal team members are working on-site in the office coworking space, being able to meet all the inquiries of the coworkers and clients.
Along with the coworking service, HUB385 also provides event space for bigger or smaller events, workshops, and conferences. In more than 7 years of being in the business, we had more than a thousand coworkers working from HUB385 and we hosted more than 5 thousand different events.

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Petračićeva 6, 10000 Zagreb